Live rengo Thursdays

I see lots of corr rengo, but not live.
I guess a reason can be

“Probably nobody will be online” - > nobody gets online.

I propose we have a limited event of a certain day (I don’t add time because timezones), where we know people will expect rengo live enthusiasts to be online. And so we all be there.

Like in clubs?.. :woman_shrugging:


To make it work, you suggest times.

For me, a live rengo starting at 21:00 or 22:00 CET (20:00 UTC or 21:00 UTC) would generally work. I may be free at earlier times as well.


@jlt 8:00:00 PM -1/+1 (ok?)

For me 4:00:00 PM -1/+3

That tool is really a must here!
(Chose LTS in the advanced to show the time only)

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An advantage of this approach is you should avoid the “immediate dropout after challenge start” that plagued the initial games…


Unless hit by a truck, I’ll be honoring my own initiative tonight! :tada:

I’m not posting specific times or anything, let’s make all of our Thursday a Go Thursday!

Mind the timezones.


Tonight? It’s night… where are you? :slight_smile: :saluting_face: ( << looking, not saluting)

Edit: well, I got one 9x9 game suprisingly quickly, so that was fun.

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I did play on Thursday, fun was had.

Let’s see how much scheduling brings in a crowd… Friendly rengo to start 14/2 17:00 UTC! Please join!

ETA: I left OGS on my phone because work and it canceled the challenge.
Is there a way for it to stay on even if I leave the page? If not, can someone who can leave the page open and is interested open it instead?


I do want to finally try out rengo, but haven’t found the right time. Scheduling helps but don’t think today will work for me personally

how does it work, can you pick a start time? I don’t know what “auto start” parameter means, and can’t find anything about it

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Not automatic scheduling, just keeping the tab open and checking all the time OGS hasn’t deleted because. That’s what I did last time I tried to schedule up front, but it wasn’t so many hours earlier and also I was able to be on my computer with the tab open.

Autostart means start when X players reached.

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Edit: hm, the challenge disappeared.

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I don’t know what’s happening, it keeps killing my challenge. :frowning:
Someone else want to give it a go?
I’m sure it’s not my connection today, but I don’t know what’s wrong. :sad face is sad:

I created another one but will only leave it open until 17:45 UTC. Hope we get 4 people, if not I’ll try another day.