Live rengo Thursdays

I see lots of corr rengo, but not live.
I guess a reason can be

“Probably nobody will be online” - > nobody gets online.

I propose we have a limited event of a certain day (I don’t add time because timezones), where we know people will expect rengo live enthusiasts to be online. And so we all be there.

Like in clubs?.. :woman_shrugging:


To make it work, you suggest times.

For me, a live rengo starting at 21:00 or 22:00 CET (20:00 UTC or 21:00 UTC) would generally work. I may be free at earlier times as well.


@jlt 8:00:00 PM -1/+1 (ok?)

For me 4:00:00 PM -1/+3

That tool is really a must here!
(Chose LTS in the advanced to show the time only)

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An advantage of this approach is you should avoid the “immediate dropout after challenge start” that plagued the initial games…