Live SGF Board for 44th Meijin Title Match?

Does Anyone know the link of 44th Meijin title Match 5th round SGF Live Board ?

You can follow on yike or other servers.

game has gone back and forth many times, usually favoring white but only slightly! :open_mouth: these two are very evenly matched!

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Looks like they have a result… too bad I can’t read Japanese :cry:

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But you can read a Go board. :grin:

Or alternatively, which one of them is still smiling?

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You’re making some pretty big assumptions there buddy :wink: haha

I think white won the game but I don’t know if it was the last game of the tournament? or even what white’s English name is :stuck_out_tongue: I think he was the existing meijin at the start of the match though

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Thaaanks for all replies