LIVE THIS WEEK: Commentaries on 2019 China Securities Cup World AI Open (AGA Twitch)

From @xhu98

Hi all,

We are excited to announce that we will be broadcasting the 2019 China Securities Cup World AI Go Open live from the Chinese Weiqi Congress in Shandong, China! This is a brand-new challenge for us as we take our production to Asia for the first time, and we will do our best to entertain you and provide you with some fresh perspectives on the AI games.

The broadcasts will take place on the official AGA Twitch channel, hosted by Stephen Hu (@xhu98) and joined by various commentators from China (to be announced)! The following schedule will be promoted on the Twitch front page:

\all times converted to UTC (see comment below this one for event times in your local timezone); actual start times might be subject to delays at the venue, although we try our best to start commentary at the earliest availability*

Note: We will not be commentating on the preliminary rounds - however, feel free to follow the games on Yike Weiqi.
In the semifinals and finals, all the games will be played out regardless of the series outcome.

**August 22, ca. 01:30-03:30 (China Securities Cup) Quarterfinals**
ca. 05:00-06:30 Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, QF
ca. 07:30-09:00 Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, SF
ca. 10:00-11:30 Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, Final
August 23, ca. 01:30-03:30 Semifinals, Game 1
ca. 04:30-06:30 Semifinals, Game 2
ca. 07:30-09:30 Semifinals, Game 3
August 24, ca. 03:00-05:00 Final, Game 1
ca. 06:00-07:30 Final, Game 2
ca. 09:30-11:00 Final, Game 3
August 25, ca. 01:30-03:00 Final, Game 4
04:30-06:00 Final, Game 5

We would really appreciate to see you there - and perhaps even help out a bit with moderating the Twitch chat! :slight_smile:


China Securities Cup

Start End Round
2019-08-22T01:30:00Z → 2019-08-22T03:30:00Z Quarterfinals
2019-08-22T05:00:00Z → 2019-08-22T06:30:00Z Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, QF
2019-08-22T07:30:00Z → 2019-08-22T09:00:00Z Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, SF
2019-08-22T10:00:00Z → 2019-08-22T11:30:00Z Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, Final
2019-08-23T01:30:00Z → 2019-08-23T03:30:00Z Semifinals, Game 1
2019-08-23T04:30:00Z → 2019-08-23T06:30:00Z Semifinals, Game 2
2019-08-23T07:30:00Z → 2019-08-23T09:30:00Z Semifinals, Game 3
2019-08-24T03:00:00Z → 2019-08-24T05:00:00Z Final, Game 1
2019-08-24T06:00:00Z → 2019-08-24T07:30:00Z Final, Game 2
2019-08-24T09:30:00Z → 2019-08-24T11:00:00Z Final, Game 3
2019-08-25T01:30:00Z → 2019-08-25T03:00:00Z Final, Game 4
2019-08-25T04:30:00Z → 2019-08-25T06:00:00Z Final, Game 5

drat haha beat me to it by 3 mins @flovo :rofl:

your formatting looks better so I’ll revert my post to its original state

Fine Art leads so far with 5-0, including against Golaxy, Globis–AQZ, and CGI. It likes dual 3-4 as Black, which is a bit surprising. Here’s an opening tree of the first 30 moves in each game. Follow the triangles.

And here’s the scores:


Just ONE hour until the scheduled start of the Quarter Finals! :slight_smile:

If you want to see how Leela Zero did in the 5 qualifier rounds, her games were relayed here on OGS by @S_Alexander

Click here to see links to the 5 Leela Zero relays

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

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Semi-finals scheduled to start in 10 minutes.

due to some uncontrollable delays, stream should start in about 30mins

Edit: As round 1 of the semi-finals has concluded, with FineArt and GOLAXY claiming wins over HanDol and Leela Zero, I suspect the stream will not start until around the time of semi-finals round 2

Stream now live, and it seems despite the schedule round 2 has already started!

In yesterday’s semifinals,

the results were...

Fine Art beat HanDol 3-0; Golaxy beat LeelaZero 3-0.


Further comments

This was expected. Fine Art and Golaxy were the favorites going into this tournament. Golaxy recently announced that it had achieved 300 elo above Minigo v17, and 400 elo above ELF v2 and Minigo v15 in internal tests (current LeelaZero is comparable to Minigo v17, I believe). Meanwhile, Fine Art is backed by Tencent and has money and computing resources as deep as the ocean. Likely both programs have met or exceeded AlphaGo Zero’s level, since AGZ was retired almost two years ago and has not benefited from further advances. In particular, Golaxy (and KataGo) has a secondary objective to maximize the score, which is thought to improve learning. Meanwhile, Fine Art appears to be a “non-zero” version similar to AlphaGo Master, but 60 blocks compared to 20 blocks for AGM, and trained further and/or with improved methods. Perhaps starting with something is better than starting with nothing after all.

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Would’ve been (and would be) cool to see AlphaGo Zero come out of retirement and enter these AI tournaments :slight_smile:


A note from the Golaxy team suggests AlphaGo would lose. My translation from . I’d appreciate any corrections from a native speaker: