Live tournament - duration of rounds?

I’m currently organizing a tournament with one week rounds. During each week, opponents have to play their game in the day and time for their choosing. Rounds would start at mondays and end at Sundays.

I wanted to know if this is currently possible with OGS Live tournaments before creating one (I’m assuming I can’t delete a tournament once I’ve created it…)

Thank you,

You can delete one once you’ve created it but at the moment the current OGS system doesn’t allow for this kind of setup as round start and end times are usually beholden to the players based on the time system and round starts are automatic in the system but could maybe be enforced with an absolute time setting (though that by itself can lead to some abuse). As a TD you would have the power to decide games, however, if you wanted to use a slightly more lenient time setting but still wanted to enforce the cutoff.

I am working on a major overhaul of the tournament system that, among other things, would allow you to have more manual control over round starting.