Lizzie not working with amd rx6600 gpu

I know this isn’t really the right place to ask about this but I made an issue on the Github page and no one responded after nearly a month so I’m getting kind of desperate.

Basically after I boot Lizzie up, it works for a few seconds then it crashes, said something like “Error in OpenCL calculation: Update your device’s OpenCL drivers or reduce the amount of games played simultaneously.
OpenCL: fp16/half or tensor core failed despite driver claiming support.”

The cpu version works fine although much slower, so I just want to know if anyone else has similar issues and if they have found a fix.

Link to original Github issue with more info: lizzie gpu version not working with amd rx 6600 · Issue #916 · featurecat/lizzie · GitHub

Maybe update your OpenCL driver?

Why did you link intel when he has amd? :thinking:

Any reason you’re using leelaz and not katago?

leela zero hadn’t received any updates since August 2021, the latest release is from 2019. This could be the problem, but it’s not my field of expertise.

Edit: I see the last change to the lizzie source code was in 2021 as well.
I guess KaTrain is what is used today.


I didn’t want to take your opportunity!