Local Club Finder

Does anyone know of a website/resource that has information on local Go clubs? Or easiest way to find other local players?

Disclaimer: I recognize that there is a global pandemic and I’m not looking to physically play right now. Just looking forward to the future and hoping to play one day on a real goban again :slight_smile:


Dwryin’s sponsor baduk.club is probably worth checking out.


There is this site:

You could also go to the site of your country’s go association (assuming there is one), they usually have a list of clubs as well.


Thank you!

Thanks! Yes, I’ll also check out the go association website too.

Here’s a direct link to their map. They try to make you register an account to view it, but it’s right here unblocked.

The fact that it has none of London’s six-ish clubs listed suggests that it might not be the most accurate…

You can always pick & choose from the various other maps on https://senseis.xmp.net/?WorldGoClubsMaps to supplement this one.

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This map seems a lot more detailed to me, as well as better-looking. In comparison, it lists all of London’s clubs.

Well, to be fair, it also only lists a single club in the whole of China, one in Japan, and none at all in Korea; so it’s also very far from perfect… but it looks better for Western maps.

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In the Netherlands almost every big city with a university and/or other educational institutions has a go club. I assume that this also applies to other countries and continents. Little towns like Springfield USA (sorry Homer) usually do not have a go club.
The problem is in finding them and when you have found them ascertaining if they are still active or not. Googling [city, country, go / baduk, etc] will lead you to the local club. Contact them to get the most recent info about go in that city.
Lists like @Vsotvep’s are probably okay, but I would not be surprised if they are also containing ancient and no longer correct info. It is one thing to put your club on a list like that, but it is another thing to keep the info up to date.

So if you go somewhere far away to play in the future: research, check and double check.
Enjoy the games. I always was fascinated to play other players than you know from your own local club.

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