Logged into wrong account

Hi all,

I logged in using my g-mail. This is definitely not my account. Scourge101 isn’t mine. My original account years ago was Ezrick but I cannot seem to recover it and opted to use my gmail instead. Anyways best of luck to Scourge101 and wierd account logins.


So this is my actual account from my gmail.

Let me know if you have any questions I can help with to root out the issue.


Both accounts have different gmail addresses associated with them. Did you maybe start two separate accounts?

Next question: Are you using a shared computer where someone may have forgotten to log out of their gmail address?

To clarify, you’re saying you clicked the gmail login icon on OGS and ended up logged in as Scourge101, which is not your account? Or was the problem that you clicked on the forums link and ended up logged in as Scourge101, but that you were logged in correctly as ezrickknight on OGS?

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I clicked on the gmail login icon on OGS and ended up logged in as Scourge101. I then clicked the forums and hit the login there and it logged me in as Scourge101 and I made this post. I can guarantee that there isn’t anyone on this network that would log into OGS. Once I made the post as Scourge101 I logged out and back in and it worked correctly. I am using Chrome incognito if that helps.

The fact that you’re using incognito makes it all the more baffling, thanks for bringing this up, we’ll dig into it and see if we can find anything!

Isn’t that weird? Hello, Scourge101 here. I should confirm that I only login to OGS through my personal laptop so I couldn’t have forgotten to log out of a public one or anything like that. I’d like to thank Ezrick for being so polite in all of this and to apologize if I’ve done something strange.:smile:

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This is actually very interesting. How in the world does this even happen? I am tech literate and have done my fair share of hobby programming, but am unfamiliar with login systems. I can only imagine that Gmail sent an odd login request or it was misinterpreted. Scourge101 do you use your gmail to login? Crazy stuff.

This exact same thing happened to me just now… Also into scourge101’s account. Logged out, and then in again and i was back on my own.

Also using gmail


Apparently also known as The Nexus of All Realities.


Scourge101 here and I should clarify that I don’t login using my gmail. I have no idea how something like this happens but it just keeps getting funnier. Thanks to everyone that logged in and didn’t do anything malicious!:laughing:


I think it just happened again, this time with someone by the name of Heartshot. I just noticed that I had started eight new games against Fuego and then I checked my profile and my icon and name are Heartshot’s but my rank and info are all still mine. All my games are still here and I just noticed my country changed. I’m honestly stumped as to how this could happen with so many different people. Am I the only one that this is happening to?

Okay so I’m pretty sure it happened again. This time whoever got on resigned all of my games because I was playing eight at the time and now my history says that I resigned all of them. It’s a little upsetting because I was enjoying a few of the games and I lost half a rank from all of that but I hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m also unsure if I should be posting this here or making a new topic, because it seems to be a continuation of the same issue but I’m not sure if anyone’s seeing this.