Logged out and parameters keep being reset


I am regularly logged out from the website and I do not know why as I do not initiate the logout. When I come back, most of my parameters are reset to default. It is annoying as almost everyday I need to re-select my general, sound, game, chat, announcement preferences. The email notifications are kept as I have chosen though.

Is this a known issue ? How can I avoid this ?

Thank you for your help

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Are you using a browser in a high privacy mode that could be clearing cookies?

This sounds like your browser is deleting the site data. Do you regularly delete cookies and such, or do you use any privacy plug-ins or especially privacy aware browser?

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McAfee protection also regularly asks to clear cookies. One can deny that request or select what is to be cleared.

Hi, thanks, indeed Firefox was deleting cookies, cache, site data. Cf this link.

I would have expected such preferences not to be stored this way as they are plenty and cumbersome to reset, even once in a while.

For now I have just parametrized Firefox not to delete these.

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