Login error


Ive been trying to log in from the online go android app with my ogs credentials but its always sends me to a browser page showing “page not found” at the follwing URL: https://online-go.com/login-error/#/sign-in

Can somebody please help me with this?


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Something for the app developer? @MrAlex


Still have this error…

Apparently resolved, because he is playing a live game as I type.

@Groin pointed out to me (thank you) that the issue may be specifically with the app. So I am reopening this thread.

Yes, i have been playing through the website directly with no problems! The problem is with the “online go” app for Android apparently.


Anoek probably cannot help with that, the app is a third party software by @MrAlex, but I am not sure how active he is on the forums.

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