Long Boards Bugs

In previous version of the site long boards scaled by the size of the window. But now I have to play with very little stones in not zen mode. There is a lot of unused space below board.

ALSO: when I open that game again I see that:
only if I press left button it becoming normal
And it takes long time to load

“[ 7:35]50 kyu: is this game loads to anyone correctly?
[ 7:36]andros83: Not for me.
[ 7:36]Virtuitous: board loads but no move tree
[ 7:38]ヒカリ: I am not sure if it matters anymore but it loaded the second time for me 60
[ 7:38]ヒカリ: And the move tree was there
[ 7:39]Virtuitous: oh right move tree appeared when I used the controls on the bottom to move through moves
[ 7:40]ヒカリ: I am using chrome as well
[ 7:40]ヒカリ: I have to reload for it to show anything though
[ 7:41]ヒカリ: Well mine is weird
[ 7:41]ヒカリ: I can hit play and the board will show up
[ 7:41]ヒカリ: Or I can just hit refresh and then it shows the board and everything but
[ 7:41]ヒカリ: Says " Move Undefined” XD"

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