Long Fischer times

Look at the attached image, 3 games with Fisher times greater than 2 minutes.

A 30 second byo game can easily take 30-60 minutes to finish. A fisher game with byo longer than 60’s should not be considered a live game.

There is a trend happening on this site of people choosing stupidly long Fisher times. The max allowable fisher time should be 60s for live games.

Guilty. I use 3m + 20s up to 6m which I find excellent. It allows for connection problems and other interruptions. Whether or not you consider it legitimate “Live” doesn’t bother me. Games are arranged such that both users can see what they are agreeing to.


sorry, I did not consider connection issues. Now I understand this trend.

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All the games you have circled have either 10s periods or 30s periods, so all under 60s.

The other numbers you see are initial main time and main time cap. They aren’t the elements comparable with a byo-yomi period.


I’m not sure what you feel is “live”. To me 30mins would be a very fast game, 60mins is still pretty fast. I’d like up to 2 hours for a decent live game. (I.e. 1 hour per player). Beyond 2 hours is getting slow but still live right?


Who says a live game should only take 1 hour? A typical 3 a day tournament game in Britain takes 2 to 2.5 hours. 2 a day games like London open or British challengers can be 3-4. 1 a day like EGC are 4-5 hours. British championship title match is 6+ hours. These are all live games.

The defining feature of a live game is the expectation that both players remain at the board for the duration of the game (except for occasional breaks for toilet, snacks, stretch legs etc) and therfore you should be ready for opponent to reply to your move soon after you make it. Whereas correspondence both players leave the board and make moves at their convenience at irregular intervals.



I think BHydden cleared up their misunderstanding.

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