Long game etiquette

I am new here and curious on the general etiquette on long games. I understand the needs allowing 1day or even 3 days per move because this is not priority. But if someone constantly play one move to the max allowed time, it appears to me that that person is not really interested in finishing the game, in which case, I would rather just cancel the game.

On the other hands, I don’t want to be rude because I accepted the clock rule. But as I said, I am new and did not anticipate this.



you will find there is a player for every game type… Somebody likes to play correpondence games every time they get a chance, and somebody likes to really use all the time avilable.

Once you started a game and played some moves the game cannot be canceled (without reprocussions). You agreed to a time settings and “should” honour that.

That said, if you for whatever reason do not feel like finishing the game nobody gets mad when you resing. But that means your rank gets the appropriate “hit” for the loss. Timing out (abandoning the game) is usually taken as rude if not necessary.

And welcome to OGS :slight_smile:


That is not the case. I have had a number of opponents who take days to play a move but are clearly trying their best.

Some reasons for the slow response:

  • some people have 50 or more ongoing games
  • some choose not to play over the weekend
  • some don’t have much time to play during the week
  • some people will want to use all the allotted time to double and triple check their move. After they make a choice, they’ll sleep on it - litterally.
  • etc.

Thanks for the response. That’s why I want to check with the forum.


What SanDiego said ^

Also one thing i personally love in correspondence games: if the situation is hard and i have problems finding a move i want to play, i am not forced to play something quickly, but i can really take my time thinking where i should play.

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Unless specified against, you can analyse and check known variations (but not getting your game played by something/someone else.) Which is quite a key feature in correspondence games.

In a month or so I did start and finish many games, I had many times my opponents playing move after move like in a live game, then leave until a next session.

If you want to play correspondence games with faster progression there are some options to consider.

  • If you create custom challenges, you can set the time increment to a lower value. 1d + 12h up to 4d worked for me very well. Some players will timeout because they don’t check the time settings before accepting an open challenge, but that’s a minority.
  • There is the Fast Correspondence Group. They hold many Tournaments a month with fast time settings. (usually 2d + 8h up to …) Not to mention that most games are progressing much faster than that.
  • In the upper part of the site wide ladders most players play some moves a day.

There is no single etiquette, just very different subgroups.

Some people think about slow games like this:

Some people think about fast games like this:


That seems what I am looking for. I joined the group. Thanks!


Yeah, that would be me :smiley:

Yes, all good reasons.

Lots of other reasons possible, I think.

My most severe reason is my work overload and too much Real Life Stress™. I’m very glad that there are slow tournaments, and thankful to all my opponents who bear with me and take me serious (you do, right?) even though sometimes I play only one move in two or three weeks.

I play for fun, not for Olympics.


Just a note to say: thanks for asking!


I can be a slow player, too. This past year I didn’t get around to playing Go much, but I still had a game going with someone I had met on Reddit. Our game took almost exactly one year to complete! Luckily, my opponent didn’t mind at all, and we started a new game (with the goal of finishing it a little faster this time!). :slight_smile:

I don’t feel it’s intentional when people play slowly. Lots of reasons, as covered in the other posts. No time pressure is one of the advantages of playing correspondence Go.

(I’m even slow in joining discussions!)