Longest correspondence tournament?


Hello. I quit playing go a while back. I still read news and stuff like that so today I opened this site to look through a game. And I discovered I have games to play. Turns out one of the correspondence tournaments I entered two years ago just launched a new round (link). How long these tournaments usually take and what’s the longest tournament you’ve ever seen here?

Please cap the number of correspondence tournaments users can join

What’s weird is that tournament is supposed to have 3 rounds and the 4th just started


One of the tournaments I participate in began in 2014-11, and I expect it to go on for quite a while :smiley:


Srlsy you guys are nuts.





I thought we were over fruitcakes when Christmas passed!


Fun fact: in both of those tournaments linked above, last game of previous round was my game ^___^

Am i the problem?


Burn the witch! :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as builders need hammers, we will need fruitcakes. :smile_cat:


Seriously, what’s the point? https://online-go.com/tournament/12561


It’s very easy to end up in a tournament that goes for MUCH longer than expected on OGS. If a new round starts and you time-out without playing any moves then the result will be annulled/unranked and you will be removed from that tournament thereafter. So no problem.

However; if you have stopped playing, I think the best solution is to use the ‘Resign from tournament’ button on the tournament page after finishing existing games and before the next round starts.
That said, it would be nice if tournaments were removed from the home/profile pages after resigning from them. That would make it easier to see which tournaments still require attention.


People like you who hold up everything should get banned from future editions of the tournament or get spammed by a message like “Hi, you are holding up 100 players for the next round. Make your damn move.” every day or so to speed the round up.


I don’t think @_KoBa should be blamed in any way when she is operating entirely within the rules. Better to be critical of the rules/setup. We’ve pretty much already had this conversation here Weekend pause, Slow tournaments & Vacation and elsewhere.


Which is why I also suggested a less harsh incentive to play faster especially when you are the slowest 1% who hold up tournaments considerably. Being nagged constantly to make your move is a more than fair compromise to you holding up everyone else. Well I don’t intend on having a long debate either since I havent bothered with long tourneys after having bad experience with similar people holding up tournaments.


No matter how quick everyone plays, someone will still be in the slowest 1% it’s all relative.
If people don’t like that, they should play faster time controls. Simple.


I’m one of those “similar people”. I mostly play in slow tournaments, and I often take vacations, for example when I’m visiting my increasingly demented mother. My life’s stressy also for other Real Life reasons. I’m glad that I can sometimes distract myself with a few moves in some of my games. Don’t have much time to really delve into playing, sadly, as I also have a stressing job.

Anybody having a problem with such should simply not play correspondence tournaments that allow for vacation or weekends.