Longest threads

Eh, wouldn’t it be more interesing to pick five or so? I think we all agree that Go Memes is the best.

Edit: apparently we don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I will change it. I came up with a better way to change it then I tried to.

I officially changed it, vote now everyone!


Lol, I was joking. But still, I’m only voting for the raptors.


I only put the 20 threads in here that we were talking about. I am sure that people have many different opinions about their favorites that may not be on here, but the the list would be a mile long.


I think it would be better to use the built-in polling feature to select fuseki. However, one drawback is that it would have to be split over two polls since each poll is limited to only 20 choices.

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Let me test that out.
I tested it out. It is also weird that it lets me add the options but not post it like that. If I can open up the poll creater and put in 24 options, I should be able to post 24 options.

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The idea is that it’s spread out over time so you get to see your choices making and losing ground.

I just remembered:

Tomorrow is April Fiddles.

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For april fools, I am going to fool people from 2014 by opening old threads.


It’s not gonna happen if people stop posting in here :slight_smile:

Will long threads thread themselves into threadom? Treading along threaded threads. Threads left in strands. Threads of fate and threads of time. Do threaded threads thread threads or will threads thread until nothing is left to thread… threadless?


Thread, thread, thread…
I am confused by you confusing post :upside_down_face:

You know, I’ve thought that OGS forums are really vulnerable to spamming, but I don’t see any spammers!
(The Trust system is really easy to just get to Level 1, and be able to (basically) spam.)


There are still occasional spammers, but those posts are quickly auto-hidden if they are from a new account and reported by enough people or people with higher trust levels.

Getting to a higher trust level doesn’t necessarily make it easier to spam. I think misbehaving accounts would still quickly receive automated moderation if they are reported.


Oh, ok.

thankfully most of our trolls are over on the main site, the forums don’t receive too much troll traffic… probably because the auto-mod is actually really good here… but if anything does slip through one of the normal mods will jump on it fairly quickly


Man, the 20 questions thread really blew up!

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Remember that thread(well only some know what I am talking about). It would be up here if it was allowed.
Sorry about that again everyone.

Rereading this,

What if we had a thread that the whole point of the thread was to get badges :smiley:

Also does anyone know how I get the example badge? I am still stuck on that one :wink:

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