Longest threads

Time for an update:

#1 1,800 Go memes
#2 1,500 Coronavirus
#3 1,500 20 questions
#4 1,100 Geoguesser
#5 900 Raptor game
#6 830 L. L. Library
#7 750 Werewolf Game 4
#8 690 Shiritori
#9 560 Go addict when
#10 550 Werewolf Game 5

#11 Hurt / Heal Fuseki
#12 OGS app
#13 Music, no chitchat
#14 Random chat
#15 Through the Years
#16 Guess rank game
#17 Images of newer times
#18 Go IRL
#19 Werewolf Game 3
#20 Napster’s music thread

Forum games have continued to rise up into the top twenty, mainly werewolf games but also the astonishingly popular 20 Questions. Off-topic content is slightly in the majority with 11 / 20 threads, but dominates the top ten with eight threads there.

The barrier for entering the top ten has risen steeply from 330 to 550 posts, pushing out several older threads like Images of newer times and the Guess rank game.


Not too high to break through …



Accessible topics for everyone:


Yahtzee… 736 posts but 74 likes only… What a spam :zipper_mouth_face:


No it is a game where you role a dice and no one wants to waste likes on that.

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Let’s play Yahtzee and go Zendo :yeet
Go memes:oh no we are in danger
In a month go memes:I used to rule the world.Or maybe we don’t need one.
Werewolf games that ended:I used to be that fastest growing thread but…
Guess the person/2 questions:quick so we can be number one for a bit until let’s play Yahtzee and go Zendo gets too too high.
Go memes:we need memes

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I could just post in the threads to keep them alive but I don’t see a point in doing that.

New Poll Time

  • Go memes
  • Coronavirus
  • 20 questions
  • Geoguesser
  • Raptor game
  • L. L. Library
  • Werewolf Game 4
  • Shiritori
  • Go addict when
  • Werewolf Game 5
  • Hurt / Heal Fuseki
  • OGS app
  • Music, no chitchat
  • Random chat
  • Through the Years
  • Guess rank game
  • Images of newer times
  • Go IRL
  • Yahtzee
  • Go Zendo

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Same as before, the topics are just the 20 from the most recent post and then I replaced the bottom two with yahtzee and zendo.

Also let the off-topic posts take over!

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Do you realise that you can be flogged for posting an off topic post?

Edit: oh what a silly typo, instead of flogged I meant flagged. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yahtzee moved up two
@bugcat you better start posting on language learners library to catch up. You’re only 4 behind

I just picked all the forum games and go memes

Perhaps we could do a few posts about the difference between your and you’re :wink:


Was tempting to push the button.

On a related note,

Off-topic is great and should take over the longest threads list so all of the threads are off-topic.


Schermafbeelding 2020-09-18 om 21.20.21

Haha, I would have been tempted too.

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I would have expected you’d want to report it for being violent :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I take this as permission?

Also there is no violent category

Future projections:
1,let’s play Yahtzee
2.go Zendo
3.guess the person
4.go memes
5.language dictionary
6.werewolf game six(title)

What do you think will be number one in two months?

  • Werewolf game 6
  • Werewolf game 7
  • Go Zendo
  • Guess the person
  • Go memes
  • Language dictionary
  • Let’s play Yahtzee
  • Hurt/heal joseki
  • Longest threads
  • geo guesser
  • raptor game
  • corona virus
  • go addict
  • shiritori

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I feel like Let’s play yahtzee is going to get banned…
or people are just going to get bored of it.