Looking for 5K - Dan level teacher

I am looking for a teacher to help me learn this game at a moderate pace. I prefer to do a few games a week with reviews and homework. If anyone can help me out let me know.

It is my opinion that at your level (if your OGS rank represents truthfully) you do not need a dan level teacher just yet. It seems that you haven’t even started playing at 19x19 that much. First you need to learn the basics anyway and the “dan-level stuff” would probably be over your head so to say… We need those high rakning players avilable for ourselves and not bothering with the basic stuff :smiley:

That is my opinion anyway… If you lower your standarts I am quite willing to play a few games with you and give you my ideas and reviews. Although I am certainly not gonna give you homeworks :smiley: just do tsumegos… I am about 10k

I figured I would get a response saying something like that. Honestly I am willing to take tips and learn from anyone. I would prefer thought a teacher that would stick with me for the next 5 years or longer. That is why I am aiming at a high level rather than changing teachers every year or so.

But yea sure I would love a couple of games and tips whenever you have the time.

Well, that’s dedication, I can do nothing but wish you luck to find someone like that. :slight_smile:

If you want sent me a friend request and whenever you see me online and want a game just PM me.

How? I don’t see how to add you.

Wow somebody sure has high expectations for a stranger on the Internet that’s not getting paid for his time at all. Entitled much?

You’re really talking about a professional relationship, then. I’d recommend joining one of the online paid teaching services - Yunguseng Dojang or the Internet Go School both have really good reputations, but there are others. Personal tuition is available too.

I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment here with nothing useful. If it is not for you move on no need to put negative comments here.

Yes actually something professional would probably be best. The schedule for the first one you suggest just doesn’t line up for me. I’ll check out the second one. MY work schedule is a bit odd which is why I posted here. I wouldn’t mind paying for a one on one type of thing.

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll look into it.