Looking for a 9x9 teacher or just teaching games

i really love that game, especially the 9x9 board, so for the moment, im only interested in playing it.

im willing to get stronger in it through studying openings, learning how to fight and create free area.
i know the basics, some moves and the spirit of 9x9.
( and ordered a 190 pages book, which is only about fighting :wink: )

i know common openings but need advice of more experienced players, especially in opening and the next 3 moves (both black and white).

only chat (no voice).
the site says, im 17 to 15 kyu.
if you want me be your 9x9 student, please write to gohörnchen ingame. thanks! :smiley:

Thankyou for our game @gohornchen. I found it instructive to me to explain my thinking as I went along. I hope you found my thoughts instructive also.

For this thread I recommend just asking for ‘teaching games’ instead of a teacher. It’s less intimidating and I’ve taken the liberty of adjusting the thread title.

For those interested in responding, please note the accent in the profile name or here’s a link to make it easy: https://online-go.com/player/556274/

Good luck gohornchen.

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