Looking for a 9x9 teaching game to improve my game

Currently I am trying to improve my reading and to improve my understanding of stones in the game. In other words, I want to learn the meaning of each stone on the board so I can determine bad and good moves.

Having played this game about 10 days now, I will not be your teacher. Of course I would be happy to spar with you and comment / critique.

I just beat the computer https://online-go.com/game/10838035 , by resignation no less.

As a student of Sun Tzu WU:
An expert may give you a better explanation, but here are some tips that I have picked up:

Don’t over think it. Play faster games (against the comptuter).
apply concepts as you understand, not necessarily terminology.
I been watching games (from the beginning) of better players
try to understand their positions and predict.

And finally, in the games I watch and the games I play, I constantly use this site’s estimate score feature (right side of screen). I gives a theoretical picture of the out come, assuming no mistakes are made. From this you can realize where you should be defending and where you still have possibilities of attack. Do this every move (if you have time) and you will see the results of your actions.

Emphasize territory over distractions and you will find yourself using techniques you didn’t even learn yet!

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