Looking for a coach

We are looking for a coach to teach Go to 11 and 8-year-old boys. They are familiar with basic rules and did some books and puzzles here but looking for some help in taking their skills to the next level.

Aaaaaaand you are looking for people to play them online, or do you actually want someone to come to you irl? :smiley:

Far be it for me to tell you how to raise your kids, but surely you could find someone near you with enough experience or teach them the basics yourself and learn with them… I love computers and work with one all day, but I think in this case it would be much better and more fun for them to play in real life. In my opinion children of such age need to communicate a lot during the game (apart from grown ups who need silence in most cases :-D) and chat window just can’t beat a friend sitting accross the desk.

Anyway, if you want just an online play I can surely do that. I am around 14k so you will probably find someone stronger soon, but I am good with kids :smiley: (if I dare to say so myself)

Goodluck anyway :slight_smile:

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