Looking for a Dan to review a game with (9k)

The computer was okay with most of our moves besides one extension we both missed repeatedly. I’d like someone to talk this over with.

What you both missed was not a simple extension but a life and death issue of a big group :wink:

Can you point it out to me?

Your computer analysis highlights the move: F9 for white anywhere between 166 and 176 kills black on a large scale.

My review:


“This move misunderstands the main task in Go. Think about Go as not a game of territory but of survival of stones. That’s oversimplifying. But moves played to build territory only, without applying any effective threat to the stability of the opponent’s groups nor defending our own weak and vulnerable ones, are often small in value. So here. You need to pressure Black’s weak stones. Attacking them will pay off in territory at the end.”

VERY well put. This is advice I can definitely apply to my own games…