Looking for a Go clock app on iOS

Any suggestion?

I find plenty of chess clocks but those don’t seem to handle byo-yomi. :frowning:

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I use ChessClock for Fischer Time and IgoTimer for byo-yomi.

I have these on my iPhone:

but can’t remember which I prefer, and for what reasons, as I hardly ever use them.

IIRC I didn’t pay for any of them, so …

I have that “game clock” one too, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore, or if I try to follow its link to the App Store it says it isn’t available anymore in my region…

There definitely are some apps that do byo-yomi on the apps store, I saw one called game clock light, and I think one can find it by searching “byoyomi” and insisting that is indeed what you wanted to search for (the amount of **** that Apple wants to shill as paid ads…)

(Looks like that app might have ads though)

This one doesn’t seem to be free

This one might be free igo timer, not sure what kouryo time is

This one says it does Go timing but the screenshots are not in English, though it says it could be in English as an option


Kouryo-time is the method used for instance in the NHK-Cup.


Thanks, I’m both happy to see many options, and dismayed that none of them is satisfactory…

All of them allow only one byo-yomi period (Igotimer doesn’t even allow you to change its duration).

Also none of them is in English (despite the screenshots sometimes). Game Clock Light and Mx Game Clock also have adds. I could work with Japanese and would be willing to pay to remove adds if the app was good otherwise though (but Mx doesn’t even allow you to remove ads).

Perhaps Game Clock is better. It’s the only one that you need to buy upfront so I haven’t tried it yet.

NOTE: Sorry for the confusion: this “Game Clock”:

in which I made the following screenshots is NOT the same “Game Clock” that @Shinuito has linked to above:

Plus, apparently mine can’t be found on the App Store any longer, and I don’t know for how long this has been so.
See also my other comment: Looking for a Go clock app on iOS - #12 by trohde


I just made two screenshots from Game Clock for you so that you can better decide whether it fits your needs:

Edit settings for Japanese Byoyomi:

Sadly no Fischer time :frowning:


In Igotimer you can switch between 30sec and 60sec byoyomi. If you go to Settings, tap on Time Control.

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So is that Game clock one available for you then? The one from @trohde ’s screenshots?

I have tried it and it seems good. One thing I noticed is that it takes the last X seconds of main time as the first byo-yomi for some reason, where you’ve chosen an X second byo-yomi, but otherwise it seems nice

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It’s available on the app store, yes. Thanks for the feedback - I haven’t bought it yet but I might (thanks for the screenshot @trohde).

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Depending on whether it’s the same version or not I or @trohde could probably answer questions about it.

I don’t remember paying for it, so it’s possible that it was free but then remade to be a paid app - so maybe it’s updated.

I can’t actually find it again on the App Store :slight_smile:

So this link does NOT work for you?

Oh, now I see it is 3,49 € … and … wait … WAIT … WAIT, it seems that I either have an old version or … wait again …


This and the screenshots in my former comment are for “Game Clock”:


… and when I press the exclamation mark in it it tells me that it is “Simply Game Clock” … and thus, please take note @qnpnpmqppnp and @shinuito: this is NOT the same as the other “Game Clock” (the link above)

Also, http://www.hikago.org/ is redirected to https://yrchern.net, which shows me only this:

So … as I see that the other “Game Clock”:


… actually does have Fischer Time (and Bronstein, whatever that is, etc.) I’m shelling out those 3,49 € immediately :slight_smile: Thanks for the pointer, @shinuito!

(and sorry for the confusion)