Looking for a Go Club in north Germany

Hello fine folks,

if there is anybody out there, who plays in a go club near the city Emden in North Germany, I would appreciate some contact.


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Have you tried Baduk Club?

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There’s a club in Emden itself.:


There’s one in Oldenburg as well:


There’s also a club in Groningen:


Years ago, go players used to meet at the cafeteria of Bielefeld uni on Wednesday. That was when FJ Dickhut and Jan Shroer were still students…
In the same uni, I found a lot of baduk players in a room for foreign students full of Korean. But I did bring a goboard there by myself.

Besides I visited the Hamburg go club (in a nice old coffee bar), and there should be more, my best guess would be to check the German go Verbund website which should maintain an updated list of contacts and clubs.

Here the list