Looking for a list of Go Books per level

Hi guys, I remember seeing a list of Go books sorted by level by a strong amateur Go player. But for the love of my life I can not seem to find this website again. First I thought it was on sensei’s library, but I cant find it there. Then I thought it would be on L19x19 but I was still not be able to find it.

All I remember the Go player wrote how he got started and what books he read at what level. The list went from low kyu to mid dan ranks.

It was not Justin Teng’s Personal Go Book Collection.

Please help, I will go crazy if I do not find this website again : / !

Is it “Useful books to become stronger”?


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so just to be sure, not this one?

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I like the first list. But the one I am looking for had more books in it. : /

And no unfortunately it is not the senseis Go Book article.

I just talked to another club member and he also remembers this list… arghhh

Aside from the list mentioned above, I also took a look at the links below for their reviews on the books.


David Carlton’s Go Bibliography, Organized by Difficulty?

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After quite a long time I finally found the list by Justin Teng. The list sorted by level is at the end of the page. In case somebody is still interested:



Nice work, @Umsturz !! I’m sure many of us will appreciate this.