Looking for a longer term teacher

Hi there! Hopefully I can find someone to play a few teaching games with over a long period of time. I want to get a lot better at go, and hopefully hit SDK sometime in the near future. I’d prefer the teacher to be 15k or higher, but any insight would be more than appreciated! :smile:

Well, if there are any takers, please feel free to message me or add me on the OGS main webpage!


Hey there. I could play a few teaching games with you if you’d like. My rank is about 2d on OGS. I’m currently a bit too busy for live games unless they’re on the weekends. But, we could set up a correspondence teaching game to get started. Let me know if that works for you. =)

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If you see me on line, which is most of the time when im home. Im more then happy to play real time games and review after. any board size is fine too. hit me up when ever you like. im seen as between 6 to 8kyu on this server.

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At your level you improve from pretty much anything you do related to go. Be it tsumego, reviewing, spectating, studying pro games, just playing games, studying theory/strategy or being taugth. Etc. So I usually tell beginner level players that help might not be neccessary. But of course, if you feel like it really helps your play go ahead. The problems with teachers often is not the strength of your teacher, or their knowledge. Teaching is a pedagogic skill and has more to do than just being good at Go. E.g, a really high dan player might know a lot, but might not explain problems at a level where you can understand it, or doesn’t elaborate, or just get into smaller complicated mistakes which is far beyond than what you need to focus on currently. Or a teacher could elaborate TOO much and doesn’t let the pupil take part in the thinking. Meanwhile, a 15kyu could understand much better just what fundamental mistakes you are making since they’ve been there not to long ago themselves. Stronger players tend to forget what they struggeled with at their level and might miss to explain what they think is obvious. A problem with a weaker teacher is of course, the lack of knowledge. I’d say any player up to 1kyu doesn’t have accurate knowledge about the general strategic fundamentals in Go. And some kyu teachers might say things which they THINK is correct, but its actually not. And as the pupil you easily believe the teacher since hes/shes much stronger. A good, low level teacher would always make sure not to get into details they are not sure of, or atleast make sure the pupil takes what he/she says about the uncertain problem with a grain of salt.
All in all, I’d suggest you ask around for teaching, and settle with one (or more) which feels pedagogic for you. There are many helpful people in the Go community, generous with their time.


I would have to agree with this sediment having many pro teachers under my belt I can simply not learn from some. Where as others tho a lower level were still strong enough to improve my game.

Thank you! I do learn through puzzles, study, and direct gameplay, but I find my most successful way to progress in games is one on one sessions with players who a VERY clearly stronger than me :).