Looking for a new student (live)

Offering free lessons for one aspiring go player (beginner up to 8k), but there are 6 conditions:

1st) must be willing to put some time into go
2nd!!) main online time would have to be on weekdays around evening american (deep night european, morning east-asian) time.
3rd) must be able to use discord (mic+headphone)
4th) must be able to speak english, german or japanese
5th) should embrace good mannered behaviour (no ragequits, etc.)
6th) must love analysing games


Heyho, Airstrike here,

I have never seen somebody asking for students, because for obvious reasons, teachers usualy want to get paid. But yeah, despite that, I hope you can teach me. I hope that I don’t fall out of the realy first condition, since I am about 7k.


7k is ok. Seems you are from germany. So you would be ok to stay up all night?

Since there was no further answer, the place is still open :wink:

I would be interested in this. I am about 16k and I fit all the criteria and I am eager to improve my game.

You can review my profile if you want to see how I play:

Ok, good :slight_smile: Let’s study some go.
Three people replied, but that is fine for now.

Talk to you later