Looking for a partner to help me beat up the bots

Hi. I am rtayek. I started playing some of the bots and my rank dropped to 6K! So I made another account and started playing the bots and was doing ok, but I am now trying to work my way back up to 3K.

I can usually beat up the bots fairly well - see this game. The problem is that I have very poor vision and many times do not see an atari or do not see (or hallucinate) a cut.

I have been able to sit in on lessons for many years given by Mr. Yang who is an excellent teacher.

So I am looking for a partner in the 3-7 Kye range who can tell me when I’m in atari or if I am cut, etc. I am also hard of hearing, so this person should be able to speak English clearly without too much of an accent.



In principle OGS does not allow players to use outside assistence in ranked games, and what you’re asking for seems to be exactly that.
But perhaps OGS would allow it in case of a predicament such as yours.

I don’t see a request for help with ranked games necessarily.

I understood their first paragraph as looking for this assistence to help them rank up to 3k (against bots), implying those would be ranked games.

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I don’t think the assistance should be any problem if it is fairly close to just vision assistance. ‘Does the last move cut something’ is not much different to ‘is there an opponent stone at intersection x’.

However, I wonder why the OP wants a 3-7 kyu for that. A 15 kyu should easily be able to do that.

I’ve self-ataried many times in my life, so someone telling if you are in atari is (mild) outside assistence.

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Is any assistance - outside assistance?
If account is team account, where 2 people play like in rengo, then OGS rating system would just correctly estimate rank of that team. Someone else would have to be stronger than that team to win a game and rank up just like in a game against any normal account.
The only problem is if team account stops to be team - then rank of remaining person would be suddenly incorrect.


“outside assistence in ranked games” had not occurred to me. i do want the games to be ranked.

“why the OP wants a 3-7 kyu for that. A 15 kyu should easily be able to do that.”

The idea was to teach someone of a lower rank who could benefit from doing the analysis. i have tried to teach players that are weaker than 10 Kyu, but they did not seem to get any benefit.

Also, the assistant should have a lower rank. We make a new account and only play bots on it.

The idea was to trade some go lessons for assistance.

If i I do not make any dumb mistakes, I can usually beat the bot by around 100 points. Hopefully my assistant will benefit from seeing the strategy and tactics.

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Fact is I never read anything about teams (and their ranking) in OGS regulation. So in the absence of these i would say a rtayek team should be able to rank itself.

The idea was to collaborate using skype or zoom. That might work it both opponents were bots or the same bots.

I could name the account as: rtayekandhelper.

Maybe you can first ask moderators how to handle it at best. Then you have place in the team profile for describing it.

IMHO even if it’s done by a weaker player more and less limited in his prerogative and you have some difficulties to see, you’ll play better thanks to an external help. It’s bit different if let say you got some better glasses to use.

Anyway i hope you ll be able to keep playing and enjoy go for a very long time.

The idea was to increase the rank of my account as opposed to my assistant’s account. Not the other way around.

I eventually want to teach a small group. We could start with a dummy account and see how high we can get , and then delete the account.

I assumed that OGS does not allow multiple people sharing an account, or playing as a team on a single account, but indeed I cannot find anything about it in the ToS.

Yep, no text, no jurisprudence. In my memory i remember a go school team account (including a pro leader) on kgs i believe, and one or another student were playing it. A big part of the kibbitz was to guess who played.

To work together is something already beyond the simple help concerning your own difficulties. I didn’t well understand how you think to organize it. Opening multiple games? Can you explain a bit more?

I see nothing bad in team account if it never used by 1 person and no one replaced in team. It still would be Go and it would be Human Go.

That’s not so simple. Starting by a bot+human player team.Not only. Even a dan teacher and his ddk student. There could be huge inconsistency detrimental for their opponents according to who play, if it’s the whole team or not. If team are allowed to get their ranking then it should maybe be ruled what can be a team play, and how other players should be notificated (like for a bot which has its own regulations to apply)

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In chess that’s called a centaur, and I remember that centaur OGS accounts were not allowed by anoek when I was still a mod.

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Hmmm, so how is one supposed to play the Alan Turing tournament, which explicitly allows that? (Not that I care personally tbh.)

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This tournament ought to be the only place to do it, an exception.