Looking for a review 10k vs 8k

I believe i should have lost. But got lucky. Want to know where i can improve on.

I only went up to move 74, after that it’s pretty much endgame.
Your play wasn’t bad, but you tend to overstretch. In less than 70 moves I have seen you playing recklessly 3 times: in 2 cases you left a very bad cut behind, which your opponent took advantage of, and in the other case you went for the kill instead of saving your group first, and in the end you lost that group and didn’t manage to kill your opponent’s stones.

You have good direction of play, but I think you need to understand better when to shift gear (i.e. going on the attack vs. playing safe).

It’s a very short review, but I hope it can help. :slight_smile:


Yes you did get lucky. W played wrong in the bottom left corner. It could live very easily which would reverse the outcome.

Do you mind showing me the variations so i can be more wary of it in the future