Looking for a series of teaching games from someone about 5k or stronger


I’m about 12k and I’m looking for a series of teaching games. Perhaps 5 or so. Maybe of the first couple we identify a couple of major weaknesses I have, then focus on those for the next three or so games. I reckon such an approach is probably more more fulfilling for both parties than just a one off teaching game.

I can only do correspondence games right now, but I can play fairly quickly. Edit: 19 by 19. No handicap.

At the moment I am a 5k.
(But tomorrow I might be a 6k again.)

If you are interested, let me know and send me a challenge.
Format: 13x13 or 9x9, correspondence is okay, analysis on

Sorry, should have clarified. I’m after 19 x 19, actually.

You can challenge me on OGS. I’ll check the game several times a day and make comments in the chat.

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If you want 19x19 fast-ish correspondance game, you can send me a challenge.


Thanks, I will do so at some point soonish.

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