Looking for a teacher to help guide me

Looking for a kind philanthropic person, in the Dan level who would be willing to guide me and give me some in put on my games, and play teaching games with me.
I’ve been bouncing between 9 and 8kyu. I’m reading Attack and Defense. I’m motivated to improve, Please message me if you’re up to give back to the go community and help us KYUBIES improve!

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I was exactly the same, I spent a few months on either side of the start of this year moving between those two ranks without being able to stay at 7k stably, though I’m now a stable 7k and even poking into 6k a bit. For some reason it’s a tricky rank to get past.

One thing I can tell you is that if you put your games on GoKibitz (gokibitz.com), other players will comment on your moves and some of those are dan players. Also if you join the Open Study Room, there are several dan players who are happy to play games with you and then review them afterwards.