Looking for a teacher

Hi, I’m a 25 kyu looking for a teacher who i can play tutoring games with for about once every twice a week? Appreciate any help!

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i can not promise to teach you that often, but we can start by playing a correspondence game if you like.

pls send me a challenge.

I can teach you the basics, but don’t expect to much since im not too strong myself (12 Kyu)
Just send me a challenge or a message and we can play some games

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Hi I am a 17 - 16 kyu and I am new to teaching. But if you give me a chance I am pretty sure I can help you.

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I am 25k as well and could use someone who is willing to teach through a correspondence game or two if someone has the time. Seemed like the best place to post this :slight_smile:

I’m happy to help if I can. Send me a correspondence challenge!

thanks it’s on its way :slight_smile:

I am always happy to give a teaching game.

I’m also willing to play a teaching game and/or explain basics in a correspondence game. Just send a challenge (unranked, handicap if you choose)

I am always happy to teach a beginner :smiley: . Please send me a challenge ( I prefer Chinese rules on a 9x9 board) but you can do Japanese if you like :slight_smile: