Looking for a Teaching game (10k Player)

I find that I’m struggling to enter the SDK level of Go. I could really use some help in diagnosing some key areas of my game that I can focus improving on. The game can be a correspondence or a slightly longer live game if you have the time. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out.

If you’re having trouble finding a teacher, I recommend that you take one of your games and post it for review.

The game should (in my opinion) be:

  • even, with normal komi
  • free of obvious (to you) blunders, played to the best of your knowledge
  • your loss

You are more likely to find someone for a review because they are in control of the time that they spend doing this for you for free.

Demonstrate your willingness to learn - note your thoughts on the game before you put it up for review. Meaning, don’t just dump it on us “raw” and ask for “whatever you wanna say about it” :wink: