Looking for a teaching game against 15k or stronger

I’m in the PST time zone and I am looking for someone who can help me improve my skills and abilities (reading the board, anticipating moves, invasion/attack, fuseki, stone development, strategy, etc). The area I have the most trouble on, however, is finding meaning to my moves early on. I usually don’t have a strategy until later on into the game.

If anyone is interested in teaching me, I would love to play a correspondence game with you. It does not matter whether or not it is ranked. I would like to play as many games as I can to improve, but you can decide how many is enough. I would, however, like it to be at least 2 games if that is possible.

Thank you.

you can challenge me, i can play with you


same here, i’m 14k but can try to help. I’m also in PST too, send me an unranked correspondence challenge with whatever time settings you want.