Looking for one or two DDK student(s)

Looking for one or two DDK student(s) who are ambitious and friendly and have a microphone.
Languages ok are: English, German, Japanese
Lessons are free (any nice present would be welcomed but not expected at all)

I am german living in japan.
I am OGS currently 3k, KGS 1k, 1d, 2d.
Strengths: global assesment and to some extend endgame and fighting
Weaknesses: stamina and reading motivation :wink:


Moin, I may be interested but what exactly would be required from your students? Weekly games/lectures/…


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-games to review (so, more or less regular play)
-motivation to become better and play for a long time (otherwise my time would be somewhat wasted)
-microphone, headphone
-sometimes time for review/lectures (preferably roughly between GMT-0 0:00 and 7:00)

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Well count me in then, I have a lot of free time for the next months so improving Go is one of my goals.


This is perfect!! So glad you are doing this. I have been looking for a teacher for a while now.

15 kyu
I have a mic
Time zone works fine

My games are low because i play mostly at my Go club in person but I can play a few for each lesson or review.


Ravensberg ok
Camilogo ok
Ok, contact me ingame @ “Small Wisdom”, or give me me your ingame name.

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hey, ingame name is Ravensberg

Guten Tag,

Ich würde dem Angebot auch gerne nachkommen.
Aktuell bin ich bei ~15K auf OGS.


I sent you a friend request and a message.

Thank you!