Looking for short fun intro videos to Go

Hey Folks :wave:

We’re organizing 5 min Flash talks at work, where we can talk about anything. I’m gonna do mine on Go.

Has anyone come across really good 1-2 minute videos that intro Go in a fun way? I’m looking for something short, interesting and not too complicated. The audience will be business folks. Context is very casual.

I’ve done a similar talk a while back with a different audience and this was my presentation: Go / Baduk / Weiqi: A Lifelong Journey (v. 1).

I’m looking for ways to “liven it up” and make people curious. So thinking fewer details and more glamour… :thinking:

One idea I had was use AI imagery… but I haven’t had much success generating a board that even resembles a real one…


Nice slide show… But surely more as 1-2 mn if you watch it with an audience.

That’s short so maybe you’ll have to create something new.

My suggestion: show a capture (for the rule) and show a few games in ultra speed for the goal. Should fit in 1-2 mns.

Thanks @Groin

But surely more as 1-2 mn if you watch it with an audience.

Yes, 1-2 mins is short. I have about 5 mins in total, but wanted to keep some time to talk.

Just had a thought… maybe showing the trailer of Hikaru no Go would be interesting.

This dubbed English anime trailer seems a bit cheesy (I like the anime, just not this trailer). But the live action Hikaru no Go trailer in Chinese with English subtitles added in could be interesting. :thinking:

show a few games in ultra speed for the goal

Thanks for sharing that. I like it. A fast forwarded game that ends with the territories highlighted would be good. Understanding who wins / loses is difficult to wrap your head around at first, and this would help.

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Check the AlphaGo documentary, it had a quick intro with such a game replay and territory highlight. https://youtu.be/WXuK6gekU1Y?t=470


Go Magic has quite a few short videos on their youtube channel, such as this one that highlights territory in some final positions:

Nice! Those are two great suggestions! Thanks @Uberdude and @gennan !

The Alpha Go one is great to get people to watch the documentary.

And I like the simplicity of the Go Magic one. As a bonus, their website uses software from my company, which is another incentive to showcase it. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have anything useful to add but just wanted to say that I love this. Your slides were great and that you are looking for better is great. I did a session like this and it was a struggle to put together materials that were sufficiently short yet informative without being boring! I salute you!

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Thanks for the ideas / links, folks.

Here’s my first attempt at a 2nd iteration: Go / Baduk / Weiqi: A Lifelong Journey (v. 2)

I decided not to discuss the rules outside of what is explained in the videos to keep it simple and focus on making the game appealing.

Also, limited the suggestions at the end so that the audience isn’t lost. Even if folks don’t try the game, I’d consider it a win if they watch the Alpha Go documentary or the Hikaru no Go series.