Looking for some help

I’m very new to Go and am looking for someone to play teaching games against. I really want to improve on opening stone placement, whether or not my thought process through the opening needs correction/tweaking, and reading throughout the game.

Reading: there are 3 ways to improve this skill in my mind.

  1. Play more games… live games. But long games are good too.
  2. Go problems, life and death.
  3. Going over aome pro games


  1. This can be improved by watching nick sibiky on youtube as he explaines a lot of thenreasonings behind openings.

  2. Pro games.

  3. Sensies library

  4. There are a few books out there too but i dont know what rhey are called.

If you want a teaching game im always free too, but im only able to play corrospondence games right now because im on my phone.

Another thing you can do is play some games abd post them up to get stronger players to reveiw them for you. I can do this on my phone but it takes a while.

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Will you be interested in playing this weekend? I don’t have Skype but I do have Discord.

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Sorry my dude. Im not very good at phone call/vpoce call tyoe things. Ive terrible anxiety problems around such things.

However. If we were to play a corrospondence game i am more than happy to make comments as we go. As well as at thw end for you.

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I’d be happy to give you a game sometime if you’re interested.

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To the other person besides oops that sent me a private chat can you resend it. I accidentally closed/deleted it and I really wanted to reply.

we dont share a timezone unfortunately, but i can always play correspondence games. add me as a friend too if you like, so you can see when im online and ask for a game then :smiley: