Looking for someone to play and review games with


I have been playing since Sept of 2018 and I would love if someone would offer to play and review games with me.

I’m currently reading through books such as Learning to Play Go by Janice Kim and Go puzzles for beginners volume 3.

Feel free to ask any further questions.

Hi Landi,

Sure. Lets play. I can always play a correspondence game, just send me a challenge with whatever settings you like.
If you had a live game in mind, we’ll have to see what i can do :slight_smile:.

You can send me a non rank correspondent game if you like

Thanks for your responses. I will PM you 2 when I get the chance to figure out the best times to play

Hi there… send me a non ranked correspondence game. and a link to any games you want me to have a look at.

will also ass im only 9kyu. but everything i ahve learned im happy to pass along.