Looking for teacher/teaching game

Hello everyone
I took a break from Go a little over half a year ago due to
starting my studies and thus lacking any time to focus on a hobby,
but now that I have settled down, I once again have the time to play
and improve my Go skills.
I am therefore looking for someone who is willing/able to teach/play a teaching game
with me so that I can hopefully improve my game.

Many thanks

Wõden, 14kyu


I’d offer, but I think you need someone a bit higher up :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re looking at 19x19, at our level, I found Dwyrin’s Back To Basic series (you tube) to be the biggest help.

If you haven’t studied those yet, I recommend it.

Welcome back :slight_smile:



Hello Wõden, i can play a teaching game with you :slight_smile:
Just message me for time and settings!
DDrop, 4k


Thanks GaJ I will take a look at it :slight_smile:
and its good to be back

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