Looking for Teaching Game

Three to five days per move or offer. One to three games dependent on first/ interest in second party to play more. Nothing specific to work on. Wrapping up the Elementary go series. Still in the endgame book. Would like to know where I can further improve. Already planning on acquiring the opening book “Opening Theory Made Easy”. Rank of opponent should be mid to low sdk or maybe low dan (if available). Thanks in advance.


Hi, maybe it would be useful to specify your level (Maybe 9k?)
By the way, you can challenge me if you want, my nick is :dolphin:Sofiam :dolphin: (without the space) . I warn you that my rank may drop below 5k :sweat_smile:
Don’t be scared by the huge number of correspondence games, I think I can promise to leave some comments if I see something I think should be commented.

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Hi Sofiam. I am not for sure how to challenge you. I have found the FAQ for challenging, but can not find the icon presented (two stones on a board). I would like to play. Thanks for the offer.

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Try doing what you see in this image

and then click on “challenge”, of course :slight_smile:
If you’re still having problems I can send you a challenge but I think it might help to know how to do it.

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