Looking for teaching games (beginner/novice)

About me: I’m a fairly average/good chess player (~1800 rating) looking to get into go. I know the rules and some of the basics of go but I don’t know any joseki. I’m looking for a 19x19 teaching game with plenty of time to think and organised in a discussion format. Throughout the game we can discuss the thought process behind each of the move and hints on what plans and hands to play next. Basically I want to get the most out of a fairly serious game for a beginner.

I can do multiple correspondence games if there are a few players willing to teach.

Thanks and looking forward to playing you all!

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I am sure others will offer games as well, but let me be the first one.
I am always happy to play a correspondence match, feel free to just send me a challenge if you want to - whatever settings you prefer.

If your rank on OGS is more or less correct I would not bother with joseki just yet (apart from maybe the knights jump to 4-4)

But just to be thorough - a disclaimer - I am leaving for a two weeks vacation very soon, and my avilability can be severely limited in that time. So if you are eager to play you may want to take that into account :slight_smile:

Either way, welcome to OGS and have fun playing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome mate.

Yeah let’s start a correspondence match. I don’t mind if you take breaks or leaves but hopefully when you come back we can finish what we started.

I’ll send you a challenge.

I’ve sent you a challenge.