Looking for Teaching Games for Unranked

Hello, I am quite new to go and am currently working on improving and learning. I have been working on Tsumego and am having a bit of trouble putting the basics into good practice. I would love to have some teaching games with someone in the evenings or weekends. I am US Central time and am capable of voice chat through a few different methods. I would prefer a live game so we could discuss things as they were happening.

I know this is a decent sized ask, any consideration is appreciated.


EDIT: I suppose I should add. I have The Conquest of Go as well as Tabletop simulator. Both of which seem to aid me a lot visually. I can also look into other applications as needed.

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Hi, I’m a 14k (more or less) from Italy, if you want a live game I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able for that, probably not until next weekend. In the meantime, if it’s ok for you, we can have a correspondence game. You can ask for my friendship on OGS.