Looking for teaching games (solved)

So to give you my experience level: I am a novice. I only started learning the game a few days ago, and I lose quite frequently. I don’t have much knowledge of many strategies I could use during the game, and I require some training. Right now, I play on a 9x9 board but I do have a real 19x19.

I am in need of someone who can teach me (for free) multiple times during a period of time when they are available with intermediate skills or at least good experience with Go.

In short, I need something like a personal trainer (…?)
I hope to excel in the game to an advanced level.

This request may be available for a long time.

You’re already stronger at 9x9 than any beginner I’ve seen. I suggest you take a look at mark5000’s various tutorials under the Puzzles tab (in the first 2 pages): Exercises for Beginners, Stone Development for Beginners, Tactics Tutor, and 9x9 Opening Explorer.

What is your OGS user name?

I’d be happy to help introduce to 19x19, through correspondence. If you need faster lessons, someone else will proabably help for live.

The same as my forum name: Crow~Luck

FWIW, it’s not the same, that’s why I couldn’t find you. You don’t show up for me if I type Crow in the search, and your forum name has ‘_’ not ‘~’

Thanks though - I found you now :slight_smile: