Looking for variations on this move

Hey all, I was playing a game recently where I think my opponent made a grave mistake of allowing me to use the aji of a large dead group to allow me to invade, but I’m not sure if he was also just simply reading that he may allow the dead group to live if he didn’t play as such.

Was looking to see if anyone had any different reads on what should have been done around move 203 in this game: https://online-go.com/game/15554847

For the record, you made the exact same mistake not exploiting this weakness earlier :slight_smile: That was much bigger than K7 or A13 for example.

Playing directly at M4 is better for black. P4 and O4 are just adding dead stones.

White should not have played M2, that’s what killed the 4 stones (see variations posted in the game). White made a similar mistake later with A7.

I agree with @SanDiego. White could also try move 202 at m4 to remove the aji beforehand.

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