Looking for Volunteer 'Developer' Help (BadukClub & Baduk News)

Greetings OGS friends,

It’s been a bit since I posted here. I’ve been keeping heads down and nose to the grindstone on the Baduk projects I’ve been developing. However, the list of super awesome free things I’d like to provide the community has continued to get longer and my ability to build all of them has not.

I’m pretty bad about asking for help, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m either going to hire help to bring you guys stuff faster or just go crazy working mostly alone (huge shout out to Bart, Solmon, Ben, Cat, Clossius, and various others who I am collaborating with in a number of ways).

Ideally what I’d like to be able to do is hand off specific features to specific people. Meaning the workload is relatively small for each person, but then they own that task and make it kickbutt. Just a sample of the what I have planned for BadukClub includes:

  • a directory of Go Schools and teachers

  • directory of go servers along with user ratings and reviews

  • enhancing the club page to better help organizers grow their clubs

  • finishing the calendar for go events (also sortable by location)

  • finishing the system to run Variant Go Server Tournaments

  • revamping the league page (including lots of nifty new features)

  • finishing the discord integration tool for clubs and events

  • revamping the online tournament tool

  • creating a better user feedback system along with a updated roadmap

  • general design simplification and improvements (the keen eye might have already noticed I don’t always use the same font size and weight in places you’d expect)

  • Help me finish the ‘decentralized’ Baduk news site (bug fixing and style)

I know it’s a long list, but if you see anything on there that inspires some interest, I would love to work together! Collaboration is key and truly great things cannot be done alone (just look at our stones on the goban).

"Just post the repository" is what I imagine some of you are thinking… well it turns out I’m building BadukClub using a “no-code” website builder called Bubble. Unfortunately that makes sharing the builder challenging at this time. However, I have a plan for how to allow for full transparency in the future. But for now it’s “invite only”.

"Why No-Code/Bubble?" I wanted to build the site with a two goals in mind 1. longevity with minimal upkeep 2. ease of collaboration even with those who aren’t developers by trade. Bubble handles managing and keeping the data safe and secure, as well as updating the backend and providing all sorts of support. And as someone who isn’t actually a developer by trade I can testify most folks could learn Bubble since it basically looks like structured english. All that said, it’s clear to me that those who know how to traditional code will have a leg up and additionally it is possible to integrate traditional code.

Why am I doing this? To me, clubs are the heart of the Go community. Helping people play in person creates a real magic moment that can turn Go into a passion of a lifetime. I’ve made countless Go friends all over the world and I want to create a place that helps bring people together and makes it easier to find the common information players (new and old) are often looking for.

Anyway, Thanks for reading all of that. I’m at your service dear Go friends. Many of your have pointed new players in the direction of BadukClub and together we’ve grown the site to over 2200 users and with around 100 visitors a day. I’d really love to help even more people and if you do to, send me an email at devin@baduk.club

<3 Devin Fraze


I’m going to be very honest that my availability for the rest of 2021 will be relatively limited, however I’d be happy to help out with the Discord integration either by taking it on if nobody else with more upfront availability does, or assisting someone if anyone else wants to take it. I have substantial experience with the Discord API (and a good amount of professional API integration experience in general). I’m mainly versed in Python, but also have JS experience even if I’m not the biggest JS fan. I have never used Bubble before, and I have no idea if it’ll integrate with Discord, but it looks feasible given how prominently they advertise the existence of integration options.


Thanks polar-bear! I’ve already made multiple successful api calls to discord using bubble. The question for that project remains to actually plan how exactly a discord integration could best be used by a go club or event (I have a few ideas). And then to set up those exact api calls. I could handle most of the bubble side implementation after that. I’ll PM you!


I would like to get invovled to get baduk.news going especially if it has a decent in-article editor for a baduk board