Looking to buy Ing stones/bowls

@XRMonica, could you please be a little bit more verbose? :wink:

  • Pls Define “set” — is it the stones/bowls only or stones + clock?

  • If the former, what would be the price for a clock?

  • Does the mentioned “£35” include shipping?

  • If not, what would the shipping cost (to Germany) be?

  • Also, how would we proceed to our both safety (as you’re still a stranger here)?
    Would it be okay to send you 50% via PayPal before and the remaining 50% after receiving the parcel?

Thanks in advance, Tom

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£35 is for the stones and bowels.
No idea regarding the shipping cost.

You are right that the payment is a problem. Do you have any friend in London? If you do, that probably can help with this situation.

The clock is £25 each.


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Sorry, but I don’t have any friends in London. (As it turns out, all of my British friends live in Norway!) If we can’t come up with a payment mechanism that works for you, we could also just trade! Is there anything from the Northwestern United States that you’d like that’s worth roughly £35 (about $50)?

I will also barter with hand-knit goods :smile: It’s got to be getting cold in London this time of year. A lovely brioche scarf (Google it) to keep you cozy?

Or money. Money works, too. :smile:


we used them here in the US for many years in tournaments. they are pretty hideous and the magical counting function in the bowls doesn’t work that well. glass sets used to be pretty cheap, and you can use food containers for bowls. they do chip if abused, but you just throw them away if they get too blanged up.

the thing about the ing sets is that you can’t lose a stone for the counting to work…if is just a pile of glass, then you just try to make sure everyone has enough.


How did you get them? Not looking to purchase, just curious.
@yuri They aren’t the worse stones though. Most people I know just use them like any other stones and neglect the ING counting.


A friendly person offered to gift me a set of Ing stones, so I’m outta here, thank you.


Interested to buy a complete set of ING stones with bowls.
Is still available the post ?!
Many thanks

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ah, those look pretty neat. maybe i’ll see one in person someday.

I am interested in buying the set and clock, I will send you money through PayPal if you accept.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Apropos of these old stones, I recently made a 3D printable replacement clip for these bowls (which I actually like quite a lot!), since they get old and brittle and snap off.


Interested in ing stones / timer

Still available if you want to buy.
Where are you based?

Sure. I’m sorry for the late reply, thinking back, that’s the year when I lost my mum.

Sure. If you live in UK?

So sorry for the late reply. Not sure if you are still interested to buy the timer, please let me know if you do need. Many thanks.

Which one?

(thanks to empty triangle)



Hi, sorry for the very late reply, and don’t know if you are still interested in the ING go set? Please let me know if you are.
Thank you!

@XRMonica, many of the people that you are trying to reply to have not been active on these forums for several months or years. It’s unlikely that they will see that you are trying to contact them here. You might want to try sending them messages on the main site, if they are still active there.

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Hello @XRMonica, I would still be interested in the stones/bowls if you still have them, and if you are willing to ship them to me: I live in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Thanks for your reply. I will check the postage cost and let you know. How is your daughter’s club in school? I’m a retired primary school teacher and used to run some clubs as well. It’s very rewarding.