Looking to buy Ing stones/bowls


My daughter wants to start a Go club at her school next year, and I thought Ing stones/bowls would be great for that:

  • It’s easy to see if any are missing, which is important because kids.
  • They won’t break like glass stones will (again, because kids).
  • Plus, they’re just fun!

However, I cannot find them for sale ANYWHERE. Yutopian has them on their website, but they are out of stock and will not be getting more. I have written to every other retailer I could find, but I’m getting nowhere.

Does anyone here have any leads? Thanks in advance!


Oh god I hate those :smiley: they are so ugly and silly and hideous, and :tired_face:

how about just buying like a stockpile of plastic stones? They are cheap (I am guessing much cheaper than those silly ing bowls) you don’t have to care that some got lost because you’ve got like a milion of them… Just an idea.

Otherwise I have no idea where to get those ugly ing bowls, sorry.


And from what I’ve seen in a few Youtube videos, the bowls themselves seem pretty easy to break by even adults, which may further impact their functionality. Yellow Mountain Imports does have plastic/melamine stones, a full set of 361 for only 16.99, on their site or Amazon. If they’re mainly playing smaller board sizes a few of these would serve a whole slew of kids.




Yep, that’s the one from Yutopian I was talking about that is no longer in stock, and they aren’t getting more. (I already tried to buy those!)


I’ve also been looking for an Ing set for YEARS, also tried to purchase Ing stones from Yutopian, but in vain … I wonder why they don’t update their Web shop to reflect the fact that they don’t carry them anymore :frowning:

Anyway, I’d also love a set of Ing stones … I’d even take a used set, even without those bowls.


I’m assuming they are still sold in China, but that’s a big language barrier for me. Does anyone know of them being for sale on Chinese websites, maybe?


Ing bowls are from a Korean guy. Why China? :unamused:


From http://senseis.xmp.net/?IngChangKi (emphasis added):


self-smacks face

Dang my bad.Still not China though :smiley:


Look, I’d happily buy them from anywhere. :slight_smile:


Where do you live? I have got a few set of Ring Go set and Ring timers.


Ing. Go set.


Hi, I do have both Ing Set and Ing timer.
Brand new.





Oh … that looks interesting indeed.
(I admit that I was a bit suspicious at first because, AFAICT, this is the first time you appeared in this forum, and you don’t seem to have played on OGS (yet?).)

I live in Germany … from where would you ship? Also, I’m not interested in the Ing clock, only in the set of stones.

What would you want for them, and how much would shipping be?

And, of course, @Glyconis would have the first right to purchase.

Regards, Tom


I live in London.

I have more than one set. £35 each set.


Thank you :slight_smile: I am only interested in one set at this point, so sounds like there’s enough for both of us.