Losing against non-players

Somehow I got into a game against someone who was not playing. I was just waiting for them to make the first move. After 3 days I got tired of seeing a blank gameboard on my home screen so I canceled the game. It then said that I lost the game. So I’m guessing the other player figured out a way to initiate games, then never make a move, and win them all by default when the other player eventually cancels the game.
Is this what people are doing on here to gain rank?

when you check your profile, you will see that the info actually reads B+Cancellation, ranked, annulled.

Games below two moves are annulled automatically, so while technically you “lost” because you were the one to push cancel there is no change to your rating at all.

These things sometimes happen and are usually just a forgotten challenge or a player who forgot he wants to play go :slight_smile: There is mostly no harm meant.


Short answer: no

Those games are not ranked. I’m not entirely sure about the logic around cancellation. but I guess the system needs to show it as a win for one side. And showing it as a win for the one who did not cancel makes a lot more sense than vice versa.

You could just have waited a day longer and it would have timed out, shown as a win for you and still not rated I believe.

Hope this helps.


Because the natural disposition of anyone is that you want to play go, but sometimes you just forget. :wink:


well, not anyone, but this has happened to me a few times.

I want to play go, but then I get too busy to do it, and then I forget about it, and have to rediscover that I really want to play go.