Loss by disconnection, but computer shows me still waiting for white's move

In this game:

the computer had me losing by disconnection (I think I was going to lose anyway). But I had no sign that I was disconnected, just the timer of my opponent slowly ticking down, while I waited for his move. It still shows four minutes to go. Is this unusual? I’ve never met it before.

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I’m not sure how disconnection works exactly. I imagine if you close the game tab (or navigate away from the game page) it will start a countdown timer to make you lose if you don’t return before then (used to stop people dragging out losing games/escaping and not resigning).

I’m not sure if this timer appears if you just change the active tab, as in you still have the game open but are doing something else in another tab while waiting.

Someone can maybe clarify?

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In my case I only tabbed away from the game when I got a message saying the computer had finished analysing it. (Until then I wasn’t aware it was over.)

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