Lost a game vs 13 kyu (we were from same discord), anything I should take away from here?

I lost heavily and there are probably so many things wrong with my play here but I’d like some knowledge of glaring flaws that are persistent and I can work on my next few games. I wasn’t sure of life and death of right corner group, still need to do more problems.

Your opponent is a 13 kyu player and you are a 25 kyu player. There is a 12 kyu gap!
It is not surprising that you lose this no-handicap game.

Having said this, some things you may want to pay attention to:

  • sometimes you leave a situation that is not yet finished in order to play somewhere else. Make sure (when attacking) to finish your sequence and make sure your group is alive.
  • in defending your territory you are often too permissive.
  • summary: play a bit more offensive when defending and careful when you are attacking.

Interested in a teaching game?
(13x13, correspondence, analysis on)


I am very much interested. When are you free tomorrow? I live in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) and am free in the afternoon, preferably after 4:00 PM or 16:00 my time. If not tomorrow day after tomorrow works too. I am very interested in a 13 x 13 teaching game I feel very frustrated and could use guidance

I am not very good with time zones :grin:
If I calculate it correctly UTC-5 would mean that your 4 PM is for me 9 PM.
(I live in Netherlands). This is okay with me.

But there is more … We don’t have to finish the game in the time slot you suggested. I suggested a correspondence game. This means that you will have to do a move every three days, but more moves are not forbidden.
Advantage: no time pressure. Gives you enough time to decide on what move to play. And I have time enough to give you feedback while we play.

So you also can send me a challenge anytime.

Oh I didn’t see that you suggested correspondence, sorry. a correspondence game would be perfect! I sent you a challenge :slight_smile: . My 19 x 19 challenge was an accident so refuse that one and accept the 13 x 13 one (not sure how to cancel a challenge)

I only accepted one challenge :grin:

Ok! It is 19 x 19 which is fine by me, you did say 13 x 13 but 19 x 19 is fine for me if you’re ok with that too. Made my first move in the challenge.

By and large, your play in this game is already a lot better than your rank suggests.

You’re improving well!

There are a few comments to add, mostly minor.

(11) A little submissive. Consider O16 (for a higher position) or else a pincer. Very minor point.
(13) @ O3 is simpler, but the game move is fine and active.
(17) is better at R15. See https://online-go.com/joseki/217 – very common hypermodern joseki.
(19) Now that you have the R10 pincer stone on the board, you can consider kicking, aka exchanging R5–R6 and then fixing your shape with O4 or O3. This would simplify the position by asking White to invest another stone onto the side, making it less acceptable to him to immediately jump into the 3-3 as in the game.
(23) @ P4 is more solid, not leaving a cut. I don’t believe it’s less forceful vs the corner than P3.
(27) leaves a second cut in your position – not a bad thing to do in this shape, but you have to be mindful of these defects.
(31) is too slow – your shape is already fairly strong, so you don’t need to invest in a local base in gote. It’s the right time to play around the lower-left corner, eg. at F3.
(33) is again slow. You can still play at E2, or D2, or D3 for a more ambitious side position; or else invade at C3 and take the corner.
(35) I think you still have some aji at / around B4, which could support forcing moves on the left side. F2 does make some points but perhaps loses some of that aji if White responds at E3.
(41)–>(43) isn’t a very productive maneouvre. Here you had the chance to raise the height of your position with a move towards the centre like P11, P10, or O10.
(43) is often the correct shape, but it’s overly submissive when you’re locally strong. It would be better to push up to K4, or attack from afar with G5, or else pincer from the centre with K7.
(49) You can play some kikashi (forcing moves) here: bP11+ O10 bP12 R12. This is possible because you can threaten to capture the Q11 stones. Then you can play P8, with White split. Although, then White gets the P8 atari… perhaps this isn’t a great sequence after all.
(53)–>(55) You first committed to splitting White but then abandoned the idea. It’s better to stay consistent with (55) N7.
(57) Since White’s shape is riddled with cuts, you can still split him easily with N8 or O10.
(59) @ O10 is still a split worth making.
(61)-(62) induces White to strengthen his own group. It’s better to just turn to L8, although you should probably just play away (and make that O10 split).
(63)–>(67) resembles an attack but you’re actually just forcing White to capture your own stones. You also lost sente, which allowed White a move on the left side.
(71) There’s no reason to wedge, and indeed you actually lose a little aji.

By (80), the game has become hard for you.

White took the lower-right corner and built a left-side position, with potential for territory in the centre.

You made some solid territory on the top side, right side, and bottom but not a lot of it. Notice that your seven stones in the centre-left aren’t making any territory: they are amarigatachi, inefficient stones resulting from a failed attack.

Overall, I don’t think you played a bad game at all. Your key mistakes were in not maintaining an attack on the weak central group – moves (55) and (57) failed to isolate those stones.

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