Lost By Erroneous Time Out

Hi, I was deep into a game and was very surprised to suddenly find that I’d lost by time out. Unless I’m losing my mind I still had two or possibly three byoyomi available. Is this something that can be verified and if so corrected? (Fwiw, the AI was giving me a 90% chance of winning at the point of the time out. Also, my opponent had zero byoyomi left, if that could have contributed to a glitch.)

Here is a link to the game:

Hi! Yeah thats really weird, i wonder if there was maybe some brief lag with the server or with your internet connection?

I annulled the game has been annulled so it wont have any effect for your rating, apologies for the trouble

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Is it confirmed that it was a glitch, and not simple time mismanagement ?
Does the other player know this / or was he asked about it?

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It was confirmed that that the time management looked sound (based on logged move timings) and something odd happened.


Thank you, much appreciated!

Interesting endgame. Black is leading because Black has one ko threat and White has none. But Black’s ko threat is not so easy to find!

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real problem is that when user loses connection with server during game, no indication is showed for user.

there is such indication when you write message for forum and turn off internet:



Yeah, this another one in the (long) list of “I wonder why we don’t do that, I’ll look into that”

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FWIW I’ve had a go at this, we’ll see if it is OK and gets accepted…


FWIW this is in place now, for people with “Experimental” turned on.


Thanks for putting in the work on this, much appreciated!