Lost by time even after making the last move?

Not sure what happened, but I somehow just lost this game by timeout when I had made the last move. It seems like it should be impossible for the player who moved last (including passes) to lose on time, since that player’s clock shouldn’t be counting down.

From my perspective, what happened was that the site hung in one window when I was trying to submit my last move (N15, white 204). It said “Submitting…” for more than 30 seconds and I was in byo-yomi, so I opened a new window, went to the game, and submitted the move. It appeared to me that the move was accepted, I had 4 byo-yomi periods left, and Black’s clock was counting down. He did not move, then after a few minutes (possibly around 2:00, meaning it would be counting my byo-yomi still even though it was Black’s turn) I somehow got a “lost by timeout” message even though Black never moved again and my clock never started counting down.

Am I misunderstanding something or is this a bug?


This happened again to me today. In this game I again somehow lost by time even while making the last move (unless black passed, which I can’t seem to determine, but even so I never got a notification). Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

We are aware of this happening from time to time, we’ve been trying to track it down… Sorry for the troubles, we’re still working on it :frowning:

Here’s another example for you, if it’s useful.

Game ended due to “timeout” by me even though it was not my turn. Both myself and my partner had played multiple moves earlier in the day, so the timer should have been sitting at 3d.